Wednesday, September 9, 2015

An interview with Eka Nazhwa, The Designer from Raffles College

The interview: Eka Nazhwa

1. Tell us about yourself.

I studied fashion design and worked as a fashion stylist for a while. At one point I needed an out. I moved to London to study architecture. People used to ask me "Why architecture, why not fashion?" I wanted to explore more about body movements and I am particularly interested in analytical drawings and spaces and how they affect the human behaviour.

2. How you define fashion?

Fashion can be superficial or something so empowering. I have had the fair share of both worlds. I don't actively follow trends and I don't think I can ever keep up with it. The money you spend on your the latest bags do not define you. A woman who is confident in her own skin says a lot more than a fragile flower who is flashy or frothy, always chasing the latest collections.

3. “YOU” project.

I honestly feel like I have two different sides of myself. One side of me has always been that creative design settings - I would love to deepen my knowledge in cultural constructions of buildings and how people interact with them. Another side of me is that, ever since I started doing yoga, I find myself being unreasonably optimistic about wanting help people around me to not only be strong and healthy but also to help them achieve a state of mind where they feel good and confident about themselves. I guess what I can say here is that I'm still trying to figure out where these two are going to intersect!

4. What is your formula for success?

Success to me is a state of mind. Freedom is success. Being able to express yourself is success. Getting off the bed to achieve your dreams when you have difficulties to perform basic human tasks is also success to me.

5. What lifts you up forcing life challenges?

Stillness speaks. I always listen to that deep quiet voice of wisdom sitting somewhere in me and I find my freedom there.

6. What advice would you give to the young?

It is okay to have dangling worries trailing around you telling you that what you are doing is not altogether the right thing. Doubt is natural. Don't try racking your brain forcing it to decide the "right time" to do something. For the most part, there will never be a right time. Also, if you're doing something out of fame, be an entertainer.

7. Your best look for today?

What I think is best is not editing yourself to finally "be" at some idea of perfection. It's about fun and freedom and being OK with yourself today. Happy is cool.

8. What about fashion futures?

We need more places in this world that celebrate the spirit of giving back; like fashion for poverty, world hunger, or providing a child a bag of clothes and a pair shoes. To me, there is something empowering about dressing and making the world a better place.


Interview: Agne Vei / Editing & Advice: Diane Orange
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