Thursday, July 28, 2016

Interior Design: Field Trip @ Bank Negara Malaysia Museum and Art Gallery

Interior Design students have to face with a new challenge for their Commercial Project related with the module Design Studio 2: an Art Café Design Project. For this reason our undergraduates went to visit the amazing and futuristic building of Bank Negara Malaysia Museum, location chosen for this ID Assignment.

The Museum and Art Gallery was opened in 2011. It has six galleries: Art Gallery, Numismatics Gallery, Islamic Finance Gallery, Bank Negara Malaysia Gallery, Economics Gallery and Children's Gallery.

The Art Gallery provides a rotating display of the Central Bank of Malaysia’s art collection. Selected paintings, prints, drawings and sculptures which chart the nation’s milestones and highlight the Central Bank’s support for the arts include works by early masters such as Hossein Enas and Yong Mun Sen, continuing up to the present day. The idea behind this ID design project is to initiate the development of an efficient and effective space in a Commercial - Café environment.

During the visit to the Museum our students where allowed by the staff to took the measures of a specific area of the Contemporary Art Gallery. As a second step they will now produce a Floor Plan of the area based on their measurement and then they will transform the floor plan into an Art Café design project.


Lastly our undergraduates are supposed to develop a project with a strong character, identity and charm that must represent for the Gallery’s visitors a unique point of attraction and interest. Specifically it is not easy to combine interior design and art without overlapping the arts pieces displayed in the gallery. We are looking forward for the final result! Good luck to all of them.

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