Thursday, December 19, 2013

OE Fine Jewellery Awards Local Talent for Valentine Designs

There is no dearth in creativity when it comes to designing jewellery pieces of the heart.

This was successfully proven by two very young and inspired students of Raffles College of Higher Education, Kuala Lumpur who in their final year, submitted their best hand drawn designs for the OE Fine jewellery design competition in conjunction with 2014 Valentine’s Day.

OE is an international specialist in setting designs for jewellery that carry a distinct and classic identity based on years of European tradition. OE jewellery designs embody charm, exquisite craftsmanship and timeless beauty. The manufacturing unit set up in Penang in 1974 also produces local jewellery designs for its Malaysian consumers.

Last year OE Fine Jewellery had set the students in the Faculty of Jewellery Design of Raffles College to design a jewel piece that celebrates Valentine’s Day. A total of 12 submissions were made and three of these entries have made it to the “potential commercial” level.

“We are delighted to recognise three very outstanding designs and would like to encourage local talent in jewellery designing. It is a field that can grow and there is much to tap from local talent as their designs can be closer to the tastes of local consumers.

“We would like to assist in building the local jewellery design sector, in particular students who are studying the jewellery design course,” said Ong Li Dong, general manager of OE and who served as one of the judges in the competition. Ong also commented that designing jewellery for retail is vastly dictated by the preferential values of the time and our collaboration with Raffles College is a step in knowing more about our consumers.

Through this collaboration, we aim to nurture both jewellery designers and retail training. The students’ effort for Valentine’s Day showed much creativity as “symbols of love” and OE has made prototypes of their winning designs.

Hensen Fong
Jelie Meow
The winners are Hansen Fong aged 24 year old from Perak and Jelie Meow aged 22 from Penang. Their designs have been made into prototype jewel pieces and now carry some commercial potential as pendants. The winning designs have been “captioned” as Sealed with the Kiss, Occupy My Heart and Prisoner of Love. In the final selection of the winning designs two criteria were used -- originality and exquisiteness.

"Occupy My Heart" - Designed by Hansen Fong
"Prisoner Of Love" - Designed by Jelie Meow
Apart from Ong, the panel of judges for the competition included Dato’ Herbert Weiler, Managing Director of OE Fine Jewellery and Ms Sydney Scherr from Raffles College. The talented winners were given a prototype of their jewellery design and a certificate of recognition from OE.

“We look forward to further train young local talent and would encourage others to explore their creativity to the utmost as this will generally enrich jewellery making in design and standard,” added Ong.

The OE’s Symbols of Love and Valentine’s Collection will be sold beginning 2014 and are available in 18 karat gold and sterling silver 925 priced from RM688.

About the designers

Jelie Meow

Jelie is the winner for two designs, the Prisoner of Love and Sealed with the Kiss. Born and raised in Kedah, Malaysia aged 22, Jelie discovered her deep interest in jewellery at an early age, which led her to decide on jewellery design as a career. She pursued her study at Raffles College in 2011 and successfully graduated with an Advanced Diploma in Jewellery Design in June 2013 with distinction.

Asymmetric and organic shapes are features that she mostly appreciates when she designs jewellery, elements that are continuous as long as ‘you do not stop’. This is supported by the philosophy of Confucius who has been her guide and motivation in all her efforts.

The first design, Prisoner of Love started with a thought of love; the outer big heart represents his or her beloved with a miniature heart locked inside the heart-locket.

The second design, Sealed with the Kiss is a contemporary design that depicts an envelope with a love letter inside -- the most romantic way of showing one’s love.

Hensen Fong

Hansen Fong, aged 24, born in Kuala Lumpur studied in Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Methodist Tanjung Malim and now resides at Tanjung Malim, Perak. He pursued his study at Raffles College in 2011 and successfully graduated with a Bachelor of Art and Design degree, majoring in Jewellery Design in March 2013.

He identifies architecture, landscape architecture, science and engineering as his inspirational fountainhead.

Hansen was inspired by the no entry design which signifies that no one can fill in the heart as it is already occupied. The name of the partner can be engraved at the back of the tag with his or her wordings in the front.
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